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"Jack Coulter’s art will grab you by the throat and demand your attention. It’s vivid, visceral and often inexplicably unsettling."






Jack Coulter (born 1994) is a Northern Irish abstract expressionist artist. He is widely known for his paintings and the visceral quality within his work. In 2020, Coulter was described by the Financial Times as one of the most popular abstract painters emerging today. His pieces sell for upwards of £10,000.

Coulter grew up surrounded by abstract art, from an early age he became influenced by post-war Abstract Expressionism and his aunt Christine, who was an abstract printmaker. Whilst still in art school, limited edition prints of his painting 'Halesia' were given to the winners of the GQ Men of The Year Awards. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015.

At 21 years old, his painting titled '21' was purchased for the Arts Council Collection of Northern Ireland, the UK's most widely seen collection of modern and contemporary art, making him the collection's youngest artist.

Coulter has synesthesia, a neurological condition which has had a profound effect on his work, other well known synesthete artists include David Hockney, Vincent Van Gogh and Joan Mitchell. In an interview with The Independent, Coulter's earliest memories of this date back to childhood, where he recalled the sound of his own heartbeat resonating pulses of colour. Throughout his teenage years he would frequently paint while listening to jazz musicians such as Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, translating the colours of the sounds onto canvas, with the aural timbres of the music inspiring the pace and motion of his paint strokes.

In June 2016, Coulter collaborated with worldwide music streaming service Deezer, where he produced a 'musical painting' for Glastonbury Festival. His painting attracted worldwide attention and acclaim and was featured in The Independent, The Guardian, BBCThe Irish Times, and AOL.

In April 2018, Coulter painted Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto live with London Chamber Orchestra in front of a full audience at Cadogan Hall in London, it was also streamed worldwide. He had a solo article in British Vogue covering the performance.

In 2018 he was commissioned by The Freddie Mercury Estate, depicting one of the iconic Freddie Mercury tracks Mr. Bad Guy on canvas. The piece was then exhibited in 'Bohemian Rhapsody: The Queen Exhibition' in Seoul.

In 2020, Coulter collaborated with Brit Award-winning musician Jack Garratt. He provided album artwork for Garratt’s sophomore album Love, Death & Dancing under Island Records.

One of his paintings titled 'Rosegold' was auctioned by The Art of Elysium in Los Angeles through Paddle8 in 2018. He was the youngest artist included and the piece was purchased by Shanola Hampton.

Coulter has also collaborated with Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Byredo and Marc Jacobs for Dazed. He was asked to transcribe each brand's scent on canvas.

Coulter's work is owned by many notable individuals and companies such as Paul McCartney, Coca-Cola, Antoni Porowski, Universal Music Group, and Harry Styles.

Coulter has gained a following of over 125,000 followers on Instagram, his work has been covered by The Financial Times, British Vogue, Rolling StoneThe Guardian, The Independent, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, HYPEBEASTi-D, Dazed, GQ, Coup De Main, The i PaperVICEUrban Outfitters, Flaunt, Hedge MagazineHuck Magazine, and TMRW Magazine.






One of the brightest stars of the 21st-century art world.”
“Jack’s work is deeply emotional and he touches on my love of both music and art in a way I’ve never seen before.”
“We were drawn to Jack’s work because of the vibrancy of his colours and the harmony of his composition. Within the spontaneity of his method, the composition and flow - so key in abstract art - as well as the balance that Jack achieves between the colours, are fantastic. The level of detail in his paintings is mesmerising, with each close-up being a painting within a painting.”
“The thing I love about Jack’s work is that I believe art should be felt first and contemplated second and given the unique way in which Jack channels his Synesthesia, he does this naturally. I also love that I feel a connection somehow to his experience as when I look at one of his pieces inspired by a song, more often than not Jack’s work makes me feel like the song does on quite a unique level.”
“Jack’s ability to express himself so stunningly and then use that creativity in service of others in the midst of challenge or crisis, is the very ethos the charity was built on. His work is honest, raw and impactful and we continue to be grateful to have had his support.”
“First love is his story and process. The colours and textures are so beautiful and interesting. His work is simply inspiring.”
“Jack Coulter’s paintings move and have Rhythm- they are so visually evocative you can “see” the music and feel the emotion of the song he’s painting. He’s all heart and no artifice- the truth of his expression shines through every piece.”